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Is Diamond painting easy?

Posted by YangZhaofeng on

Diamond painting is simple, easy and suitable for creative people of all ages.!Diamond painting is a great activity because it helps release all the stress that builds up during the day.The world is so busy and people are always in a hurry.Diamond painting gives you the opportunity to relax and spend some time letting your creative juggling go.

We can do it alone or in small groups, and it's fun to rush it out with friends on weekends.Diamond painting is not only our hobby, but also a good home decoration, you can decorate your living room, balcony, bedroom, stairwell, gym, bar and so on, but also a very good creative gift.Customize their favorite photo diamond painting as a birthday, party, holiday gift, it is sure to be a creative surprise.

Are diamond painting kits easy to do?

It's easy. Anyone can do it.All you have to do is point all the diamonds onto your favorite canvas.It's as simple as that.Diamond paintings use shiny plastic colored beads.The beads are similar to diamonds, and they come together to form a very cohesive piece.

How long does it take to finish a diamond painting?

The smallest children's diamond painting pendant you can complete in a few minutes.For example, 30x40cm (12in x 16in) diamond painting, if the color background is single, only a few colors, the shortest time can be in a few hours, but if your design color is diverse and complex, it may take a day or two, the time to complete mainly depends on their own.Experienced diamond painting lovers can complete a large diamond painting in just a few hours.Perhaps we prefer to do diamond painting as a hobby and complete a portion of the area each day.

How do you start a diamond painting?

Diamond paintings are a great choice when you want a creative gift.Customize the diamond canvas to your liking.Look forward to the diamond canvas.

Are Diamond paintings fun?

Diamond paintings are very interesting, you can choose any picture and make it your unique gift.If you're not sure what style you want, you can check out the diamond paintings at 5diamondpainting.There are more than 6,000 diamond paintings in different styles.A giveback promotion is currently being held.

If you want all, but don't know which one to start with, you can choose our diamond painting blind box and we help you make the choice!You may receive diamond paintings of any pattern, it may be African Americans, alphabet letters, Christmas, starry sky, lighthouses, birds,flowers, halloween, or even Mermaid With Shiny Scales. There will always be a diamond painting that attracts your heart.


Welcome to your diamond painting mystery surprised Superstore!
If you answered yes, then try one of our new mystery surprise diamond paintings! You will have no idea what image is on the canvas until you finish (or come very close to finishing) the diamond painting. We will send you a random diamond painting not found in the current selection in our store. Make your diamond painting more fun by getting your own Mystery Painting today!

Are diamond painting colors Universal?

Yes.In Diamond Painting color numbers are always the same if it is DMC numbers. The fact that the paintings have the same color number makes it easier if, for example, you are missing drills for a project. You can then use drills from other paintings to complement.
While it's rare, mistakes do happen. If you believe that you were sent a diamond art kit with missing diamonds, simply contact us and we'll send you a replacement. Of course, you can always use a similar color or your extra diamonds to complete your painting.
Anyone wondering how many DMC colors diamond paintings come in?The answer is 456 DMC colors.

Diamond painting is a fairly new craft, come and finish it with us!

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Hope everyone likes the diamond painting and have a nice day.

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