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What is a diamond painting? The ultimate guide to 2020.

Posted by YangZhaofeng on

What is a diamond painting? The ultimate guide to 2020.


December 19, 2019


When you know diamond painting, you will like it, let's enter the world of diamond painting.


1.What is a diamond painting?


Diamond Painting is a new craft hobby that's a mix between Cross Stitch and Paint By Numbers. 

Diamond painting, also known as DIY diamond, diamond is painting the designers put delicate sparkling artificial crystal flat round diamond (have a plenty of square) and well-designed design organic unifies in together, carver only need stick point drill tool to extract to drill on the canvas on the corresponding symbol, this completes a diamond paste, then slowly fill well each symbol corresponding area, can learn it soon.Compared to cross - stitch, diamond painting operation is simple, easy to use.


The spirit of DIY pays more attention to the attitude of life and the pleasure of leisure.

As a result, more and more people have become the mainstream of consumption of this kind of leisure entertainment.

No matter old people, children, or young people;Both women and men love this form of recreation.And DIY diamond painting technology just meets this kind of innermost feelings of everyone's liking.

A lot of people are after seeing the work that oneself completes, perhaps after getting the praise of friends, have a special liking to this kind of recreational way more.


2.What can diamond paintings do for us?


It is a very enjoyable process, can make our life more fun, when you know it, you will love it.


1.It can help old people enjoy their time.Send them DIY diamond paintings to pass their leisure time.

2.Cultivate children's hands-on ability and patience.Let DIY diamond painting improve their understanding of color and aesthetic, cultivate children's hands-on ability and patience, so that they love the world more.

3.can gift a friend.You can present your friends with finished products to express your heart, or present your friends with products so that they can experience the happiness and sense of achievement.

4.You can decorate your home.Can mount the finished product after hanging in the sitting room, study, bedroom to add artistic flavor, still can invite a friend to visit when new house proudly tell them "this is me to make!"Put on the diamond picture that oneself begin work to make on the home, that is never tired of seeing!


3.What's the difference between a round drill and a square drill?


In diamond paintings, you often come across the terms "square diamond" and "round diamond."In a diamond painting, "drill" is just another word for "diamond."

When we say "round and square", we mean the physical shape of the diamond.When choosing between square drill and round drill, it is important to know that there is no right answer.Your goal should be to choose the shape that you personally find most beautiful.

Round diamond:

Save time.Most drillers give the customer a three-dimensional feel, usually with the background section printed on the surface.This indicates that drilling is not necessary.

It has a better feel in terms of shine and durability.Most round drills have resin properties that make the drill bit brighter and more attractive.

Square drill:

Reduce costs and prices.Square drills are mostly made of plastic, while round ones are mostly made of resin or glass.The price of plastic materials will be lower than that of resin and glass.

Perfect fit.Square drills fit together neatly and without gaps, making them the first choice for larger canvases.

Tip: if any area becomes less sticky due to exposure to air, try wiping it with a wet towel or baby wipes

4.Why did we choose the round drill?


In the diamond world, round diamonds are preferred when making smaller sizes of art.

They tend to produce smoother, clearer paintings and take less time to complete than works of art made with square diamonds.But in person, you can choose between a round or square drill.Please follow your heart.

In addition, most round drills are resin drills.

Resin drill can help us to shape their own charm, bold artistic creation because of the arrival of resin drill, let everyone can become a designer's dream is no longer far away.


Resin drill features:

Shiny, high quality.Resin drill has more than acrylic drilling bright and good toughness characteristics, which makes the resin drill landing will not be easily broken;Resin drill is characterized by its lightweight, moderate brightness, low price, rich color, these characteristics are enough to have more than the glass drill market, these remarkable characteristics for the resin drill laid an overwhelming trend of development.

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