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5D Diamond Painting Jesus Christ Paint with Diamonds Art Crystal Craft Decor UH2993

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A must for diamond painting DIY lovers:
1.The popular diamond painting around the world, whether you are a DIY beginner or a enthusiast, it is suitable for you.
2.5D DIY diamond painting can experience a sense of accomplishment, learn to reduce stress, enhance self-confidence and perseverance, and cultivate patience.
3.5D DIY diamond paintings can be used to decorate family rooms to make life more harmonious. The most popular DIY decoration, suitable for the elderly and children.

Include Packaging
-1 *HD oil painting on canvas
-1 *Diamond Pen
-1 *Diamond tray
-2 * Transparent bag
-Colored round diamond

1. Open the package and check the special tools for diamond painting.
2. Find the same diamond number according to the list on the canvas.
3. Place the diamonds on the plate and shake them gently to disperse the diamonds.
4. Apply an appropriate amount of diamond glue on the drill pen, and then glue the corresponding diamond.
5. Paste the diamond on the corresponding canvas according to the corresponding color code.
6. After completion, press the picture tightly with a book.

-Artificial diamonds are not edible, please do not allow children to play, so as to avoid accidents such as swallowing.
-The picture shown on this page is a refined product, for reference only, you will get a complete set of materials to complete the painting, you have to complete it yourself.
-The product does not contain a frame.
-The size here refers to the canvas size, not the pattern size.

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