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5D Diamond Painting Pink Planet Mermaid Paint with Diamonds Art Crystal Craft Decor UH2988

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✉ HD high quality canvas
✉ Point drill pen
✉ Wax
✉ Tray
✉ Diamond


✉ New canvas, the adhesiveness of the canvas is better and more humanized, which is more convenient for your use and preservation.
✉ Point drill pen adopts unique design, which is not easy to fall off.
✉ The wax block uses safe materials, you can use it with confidence, and the viscosity is more moderate.
✉ The size of the tray is more suitable, which is more conducive to your production.
✉ More diamonds, better quality, higher texture and gloss.


✉ You need to identify the code of the diamond corresponding to the symbol on the canvas and pour it into the tray;
✉ Use a point drill pen to embed a little wax block to paste the diamond to the canvas;
✉ When all the work areas on the canvas are filled with diamonds, your diamond painting is finished;
✉ You can frame your work with a photo frame, or you can directly paste it on the wall or the area you want to decorate.


✉ Be sure to prevent children from swallowing parts by mistake;
✉ You need to make your diamond painting in different regions, and the protective film on the canvas is also opened in different regions to prevent its viscosity from decreasing and making it impossible;
✉ Try not to fold your canvas to prevent wrinkles.

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