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5D Diamond Painting Red purple flower Paint with Diamonds Art Crystal Craft Decor UH3000

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The artwork like a puzzle brings you a different lifestyle--5D diamond painting
1. Diamond painting is easier than cross stitch. For anyone who doesn't know how to paint, it is easier to complete a classic artwork, and you will enjoy the joy of manufacturing.
2. DIY diamond painting kit will be the best gift for family and friends. Whether you are a novice or experienced creator of diamond painting, the diamond painting kit is a good learning tools.

Including Packaging:
-1 * HD oil painting on canvas
-1 * Diamond pen
-1 * Diamond tray
-1 Set * Color round diamonds

1. Open the box and check the special tools for diamond painting.
2. Please refer to the table below the canvas to find the corresponding diamond.
3. Import the diamond into the drill plate.
4. Apply an appropriate amount of diamond adhesive on the pen.
5. Paste the diamond on the corresponding canvas.
6. Press the diamond with a book or hand to ensure that the diamond is more stable.

1. This is only a semi-finished product, you need to complete it yourself, please enjoy the fun of DIY.
2. Please do not fold the canvas to avoid creases at the same time.
3. Please do not peel off the transparent paper on the picture directly, but take off a part to keep it sticky.
4. Due to different measurement methods, a measurement error of 1-3cm may occur. Thank you for your understanding.
5. The product does not contain photo frames.

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