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5D Diamond Painting Sunset and Sky Paint with Diamonds Art Crystal Craft Decor UH2983

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Product advantages:

✎It is made of highly transparent oil painting canvas, thick and waterproof, more environmentally friendly, has a good texture and beauty
✎Perfect color matching, more vivid and image
✎Diamond drill quality is excellent, three-dimensional size is strong, never fade, than resin diamond More vivid and brighter

How to make:

✎First put the diamonds you need to use in the tray
✎Then use the "pointing pen" to take a small amount of wax blocks (adhesive)
✎Then pick up the diamonds and place them on the corresponding number on the canvas
✎Until the pattern on the canvas is filled, the production is finished

Materials and packages include:

✎Canvas (Note: frame not included)
✎Neatly cut colorful rhinestone beads
✎Diamond (point diamond) pen
✎Plastic tray

Wider adaptability:

✎The hand-made method is easy for adults, children, and art beginners to enrich your time and give you different lifestyles.
✎Develop children's practical ability and patience, and improve their understanding of colors and aesthetics.
✎Cross stitch diamond painting is very suitable for decorating your living room or bedroom, etc, making your living room, bedroom and other areas more beautiful.


✎Due to the difference in light and computer monitor, the color of the photos taken may be slightly different from the real object. Please refer to the actual goods received.
✎Try to stay away from the child to prevent the child from swallowing accessories or hurting the child. -DA-1

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